The Judging of Rob

From the journal of Cade Redbrook: What happened to Rob as the eternal blackness closed on his vision? Why does it seem like he never made it to his rightful afterlife but was instead intercepted and sent back to the material realm of the living? What sort of judgments (or even arguments?) took place out there in the void between the planes?—JLee

So yeah, this is now a discussion on the character of known as Rob. No More Vandalizing His Character Page! And yeah, I know I’m also guilty of that, but at least I’ve proposed as solution. Please leave some sort of signature after you’re post so we know who we’re talking to. Also, I’m not just using the forum because that’s for paying members. —JLee

Thanks for the insight Jlee, and I’ll try to resist messing with Rob’s page. Anyway, the story goes something like this: While roaming the planes, Rob’s soul encountered Pelor. Being all rightious, Pelor was disgusted at Rob’s actions, and sent him back to Iludun as a hound archon to atone for his sins. Now, he cannot gain any levels until he has atoned.

Lol – Bugles

Hold on a minute. How is Rob going to “atone” for his sins when he is a crazy, neutral chaotic backstabbing, heartless, yellow bellied, virus filled, disgusting, and overall untrustworthy douche of a PC?

P.S. How will he atone anyway? You never told us how.

3SC (ha, I got it right this time!)

Because now i’m lotfl good, 3sc u ‘tard. That’s right, evil. you may as well just run in fear, but it wont help cause i can run faster than u. -Rob

More like lolful good—Jlee

Really? I don’t think that he plays Rob as lofl good. -3SC

I do now. and it’s lotfl good (lulz on teh floor lulzing), AKA reduntantly funny-good. -Rob

The Judging of Rob

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