Death, Doom and Destruction... After 3 sessions!

Rob betrays his friends, Eos kills Rob, Glamroth kills Eos, and Cade is unconscious

One word.. Owned. Another reason why Wizard’s advertising scheme was “don’t split the party” This session was all about assassins, backstabbing and death.

Our story continued in Adureth, where the characters enjoyed lunch with Dennis Goldentongue, and were occasionally stabbed by cloaked figures with shurikens. After the characters failed to kill the assassins, Dennis informed them about his personal quest: To find the Dragon’s Eye, a mysterious magic artifact.

Setting out the next morning, the party first confronted an assassin vine, that guarded the entrance to the tomb of Numring, that was said to hold the eye. Of course, the first thing that Rob did was to rush to the door, and lock it from the inside. Several similar betrayals followed, with Rob doing his best to annoy the other members of the party, (including failing to kill an unconscious Cade)

Eventually, the party members saw through Rob, and after failing to push Dennis off a cliff, Rob was killed by Eos in a massive bullsh*t coup de grace. Moving on, the party entered the main tomb, where the Eye of the Dragon lay. Taking it, Eos set off a massive trap, that resulted in his death. After isolating himself from Dennis and Cade, he was destroyed by Glamroth, who dragged his body to the depths of Tol-Anduir, the underground.


.....So does this mean I win d&d?


No. The bard wins. You were unconscious


But he’s an NPC. He doesn’t even have a soul, let alone a small novel’s worth of backstory growing out of what was once a wiki page.


yes, but he was the only one conscious, as Rob and I are still dead and u were sleepy.



Lets just say my orc character was how do you say…fucked over by some sort of god. Also i think the Dwarf should win jks jks jks jks jks! ;)


no, the orc threw himself down a well, as it is the default orc thing to do, and no, the dwarf did not win as he wasn’t even part of the encounter

by the way, my post does not say I was the second one to join, it says that I was the second most CONSISTENT club member until this year, where I have still not missed a single club and do not plan to

sorry folk, this post was less chirping and more explanation


there will definitely be more chirping the next time someone comments on this page (all chirping done by myself of course)


I’m still the winner out of the PCs.


Well, I think that Arkhos still pwned…


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