The House Redbrook

The House Redbrook is an age old family of halfling nobles who hail from the southern forests of Illudun. Like most beings in a position of power, the Redbrooks make the claim to having elven blood flowing through their veins, a claim that is supported by the large proportions of wizards, rangers, and druids to have come from the House.

As of recent times, the House has lost much of it’s former size and grandeur, as many of the adventurers it sends out into the world have died in the service of a greater cause. Eventually, control of the House will fall to one the few remaining retainers, and for years it was assumed that Sylvia, the eldest granddaughter of the last great leader of the redbrook lineage, would be the one to take on the title of Lady Redbrook. Since her true colours have come to light, Sylvia was sentenced to death but escaped into exile, leaving the position of heir to fall unto her younger cousin, Cade.

The Last Heirs

Sylvia Redbrook -a fallen ranger who ignored her duties as lady-in-waiting in favour of a life as master of guile and assassin

Sylvia was the first member to join the original holy order of the raven, though many records place her among the order’s founding members.

Cade Redbrook -a young wizard, newly appointed the next in line for lordship of the House Redbrook, seeking to redeem his family name by any means necessary

Cade is known to have studied magic among the elves in his youth, and he has a fascination with the elven culture and language. Even so, he is learning over the course of his travels that magic might not be the best answer to every situation; and he is beginning to consider dabbling a little with the notion of becoming a treasure hunter, but Cade knows all too well the results of his cousin’s similar choice. An encounter with a shadowdancer on the day Eos died has convinced Cade to train himself in the basics of stealth based combat to be better prepared for dealing with assassins of all sorts, even Sylvia.

The House Redbrook

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