Rob was a 3rd level Sorcerer with a ferret familiar who made extensive use of the Ray of Frost and True Strike spells against his enemies (and friends) and the Daze spell against overzealous friends. Though he was loyal to his band of friends, he would gladly leave them out of deals (or kill them off) if it meant more cash for him. He had great intuition, but was not generally that full of useful information. He used a shortspear, a sling, and a crazy exotic weapon he found on special offer. He is a character in the Iludun campaign, though he has seen many other, far stranger settings than this one.

He is now deceased, having been caught trying to slit Cade’s throat (which he did for very good reasons) and was murdered by Eos, one of his ex-teammates . It is, however, not the end. Rob’s revenge has begun, and all who participated in his murder will get what is coming to them. Or will they?

Rob has been reborn. What new shape will he take? only he and the DM know. But I bet it’ll be Pwner

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