A tall, almost elven man, with bone white hair and red eyes. He carries spiked black plate armor, a large steel shield, which is covered in red, unholy runes, and in his hand he carries a black long-sword with raven wings on the hilt.


The first thing that I remember about my life after the incident at the dragon’s tomb was waking up abruptly on a cold stone slab, wearing the tattered remains of my tunic and pants. My body was covered in bruises, and I had a gash in my side, so it hurt to move around a lot. Risking the pain to look up, I saw an immense cavern all around me. Stalactites hung from the ceiling, and there was a greenish, almost eerie reflection from the massive marshy pool that dominated a section of the cavern. There were traces of black earth and moss on the walls, floor, and ceiling of the cave, and while looking around, I even saw a considerable pile of bones lying in a corner! Upon further examination, I also noticed that while everything else was already here, the slab and its base were chiseled masterfully out of the rock. There was also a large door on one side of the cave, in a setting of the most beautiful craftsmanship and masonry that I have ever seen. As I was moving around to look at details, I began to hear loud series of jangles. Looking down at my body, I realized that my hands and feet were chained firmly to the slab, and trying to move them was futile. “I wouldn’t try that if I were you.” Looking around for the gravelly voice, I saw a pair of huge, yellow, and reptilian eyes staring back at me from the shadows. My eyes widened with fear as I remembered who it was that had brought me here. The great wyrm stepped out from the corner of the cave. His scales were as black as night, his breath a subtle hint of poisonous death. His teeth were as sharp as swords, and his wings were easily thirty feet across. He was a master of poisons, and the lord of the skies around him. He was an avatar of death. Glamroth had arrived.

He cannot break me, for I am made of stronger stuff than he has ever known! I am free to do as I please, and no obstacle can ever stand in my way again, including a great wyrm. I will become more powerful than ever, and once I am free of this place, I will go out into Iludun and hunt down anyone who was a part of this deception, this underhanded plot to murder me. The bard and the mage must die, as soon as I have amassed enough power. Names begin to float to the back of my pain filled brain. Eos…Eos…Arkhos…



Iludun Bugles