Dennis Goldentongue

An eccentric bard who the party sells the stories of their adventures to.


Dennis one of the more well-known citizens of Adureth. He is quick-thinking, eccentric, and a wonderful singer. He is always looking for new and exciting adventures to sing about, and willing to pay for them, as life in Adureth can be pretty dull. However, there may be more to the gregarious Dennis than meets the eye. Why just ask Rob: he will probably advise you that attempting to push Dennis of cliffs is not a worthy pastime, and is likely to get you killed.

Several years ago, Dennis took in a young boy named Azran as his apprentice, and the boy became quickly devoted to him. Dennis and Azran have formed a strong bond of both student/teacher and also one of friendship. Azran follows him wherever his adventures may take him, and together the two are a formidable opponent to anyone or anything that stands in their way.

Dennis Goldentongue

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