• Amaya Dragonscales

    Amaya Dragonscales

    Elf Sorcerer with a grudge against goblins
  • Arkhos


    A tall, almost elven man, with bone white hair and red eyes. He carries spiked black plate armor, a large steel shield, which is covered in red, unholy runes, and in his hand he carries a black long-sword with raven wings on the hilt.
  • Balin Ironshield

    Balin Ironshield

    A dwarf rescued by Rob the sorcerer from a Goblin army in Ravenhold. He has a burly build, with black hair and green eyes.
  • Cade Redbrook

    Cade Redbrook

    A young wizard, seeking to redeem his family name by any means necessary.
  • Dennis Goldentongue

    Dennis Goldentongue

    An eccentric bard who the party sells the stories of their adventures to.
  • Rob The Returned One

    Rob The Returned One

    Sorceror with Ferret familiar. Deceased. Returned.