The fortress continued

Eos meets his nemesis and Rob aquires a new friend.

Our story continues on the roof of the goblin fortress. After the characters recovered from the previous day`s exploits (and leveled up) they were introduced to Amaya Dragonscales, an elf sorceress. They continued exploring the fortress (and stumbling into goblin ambushes) until they had reached the ground floor. There, the party ran into an epic level cleric and paladin, who were busy holding off massive waves of goblins (and who happened to be some of the party member’s old characters.)

After some deliberation and detect evil checks, the two groups conversed. Eos was eager to learn about a legendary sword that was supposedly hidden in the castle while the others probed the Anmir (the cleric) for information on the goblin invasion.

Next stop: the library containing the sword that Anmir had told them about. In the library, (untouched by the goblins) they found hundreds of scrolls, as well as an enormously powerful sword on the wall. Naturally, Eos took the sword, and the party left the library (after Rob had stuffed as many scrolls as he could into his backpack.) When the players returned to the main hall, they found a gargantuan black dragon picking it’s teeth with the cleric’s longsword, having decimated the roof of the fortress. Glamroth the great wyrm had arrived.

Of course, chaos ensued. When the shouting had ceased, (and I could hear myself think,) the dragon announced matter-of-factly that it wanted it’s sword back. It claimed that the sword had been stolen from it by the cleric long ago. So, it said, it only had business with Eos and anyone of lawful good alignment (what can I say; it’s a black dragon) and anyone else could continue on their merry way. Fortunately for Eos and Jlee (lawful good,) nineteen goblins chose this inopportune moment to barge into the room, only to come face to face with the dragon. It’s dinner time!

While the drangon helped itself to a light snack, Eos and Jlee slipped away from the dragon, and exited the fortress. All in all, a good day for everyone, including Rob, who recieved a 2,000 gp bonus and a lifelong friend for helping a dwarf escape the fortress. Meanwhile, a very confused orc stumbles out of a tunnel into a mysterious village…

Also, they met a druid whose real name was immediately forgotten and who was unceremoniously dubbed “Drywall”. The druid may or may not continue to adventure with them.


Wait, those characters were epic level?!? Why couldn’t they just retrieve the sword themselves? And how could the goblins even stand a chance vs them. And they could have totally survived a few rounds with a great wyrm an escaped, especially with a cleric. They should have been around 5th to 11th level, and that’s with really poor circumstances.

Either way: I run back to the fortress an loot the bodies. And take 20 on my search check.

Oh, so Rob is the name of our ferret loving sorcerer then.

The fortress continued

Bugles(Collin)forgot to mention why I mysteriously disapeard. Collin can u fit me eating dead prisoners and just being plain lost into the story? Thanks Thrall.

The fortress continued

I mean Tuska…hehe

The fortress continued

I wouldn’t piss off the GM if I was u (he might PWN u with a tarrasque or even a great wyrm)

The fortress continued

Ha Ha Ha…not funny. Or maybe it is. Did Collin ever mention anything about me? If not did he ever threaten you with a tarrasque? Thought so. Have a good weekend! Tuska (Not Thrall!)

The fortress continued

Please don’t take any of this post seriously, as it is just some rambling about how much I hate over powered villians. Although at this rate of xp gain, we might be able to actually fight it at some point, in which case I take everything back. Oh, and i don’t really want to kill Jeremy’s character… or do I?

Well let’s not just jump to conclusions, I’m sure that a bunch of min-maxers like us can take on most challenges long before we should be.

For me, anything with a challenge rating <10 class=”true”>t kill your monster.

The fortress continued
  • space limit destroying the other three quarters of my veritable essay on how to beat the great wyrm by level six. Followed by my comment about how it would be so much easier just to kill Eos. But either way, next level my armour class could be 34 if I wanted it to be (cat’s grace+combat expertise).
The fortress continued

34… really? cool. But you don’t actually want to kill my character, do you?

The fortress continued

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