In the beginning...

1st game

After some editing of character sheets, and photocopying of walls and doors ect. from the DM’s handbook, our story began. The PCs started thier adventure/quest for power/wealth/glory in the dungeon of a particularly large goblin fortress. The goblins had taken over the fortress when the arrived in Iludun, and had put it to their own sinister use. Namely, using it as a base to expand inland. Once the PCs had sucessfully beaten up the unsuspecting goblin jailor, they proceeded to explore the fortress/find the weapons that the goblins had confiscated. Sure enough, Eos had to take on two goblin gaurds armed only with a short sword, and without any armor. Fortunately for him, the cavalry (rob and JLee) arrived just in time to stop the goblins claiming another victim. After some deliberation/searching the other cells, the PCs found thier weapons and a suprised dwarf, a prisinor in the fortress.

Other notable occurances were the suprise raid on the goblins eating dinner in the great hall, Tuska jumping on tables (and getting lost) and the encounter on the roof, in which the PCs first meet Amaya Dragonscales. Meanwhile, Eos seems to have lost belief in himself, and the others may be turning against him. Can he prevail? And can Tuska find his way out of the tunnels under the Ravenhold?


“The PCs started thier [sic] adventure/quest for power/wealth/glory in the [...]”

Some motivations that you don’t have listed here: redemption at any cost (me), out-tanking the half-orc (Eos) and to learn to string together a full sentence (whatever D’s half-orc is named).

In the beginning...

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