The revenge of Arkhos

We all thought he was dead. After being dragged down into the depths of Numring’s tomb by a vengeful dragon, nobody thought Eos would ever survive. But he did. Glamroth took Eos to his lair, where Eos spent many dark days, under severe torture. He could not help but to give in. And thus, Arkos came to be. Arkos, who has spoken with the fallen ones, and now serves them. The doom of Iludun has come to pass.

Announcement: New Club Materials

I can’t make it to club this thursday, but I do have a few announcements to make:

1) I now have an owl familiar. With really high listen checks. And like 4 new scrolls for less than 5xp.

2) Thanks to that friend who I’m trying to get to join the club gave me 12 pdfs on 4th edition rules today, let me know if any of you want to see ‘em.

  • There’s Player’s Handbook 1&2
  • Monster Manual 1&2
  • DM’s Guide
  • 4th edition for dummies (one for players and one for DMs)
  • Arcane, Divine, Martial Supplements (Primal only just came out)
  • Open Grave (aka the ultimate resource for my upcoming undead campaign)
  • Dracanomicon #1

So yeah, my usb stick has more supplements on it than our entire cupboard.

Death, Doom and Destruction... After 3 sessions!
Rob betrays his friends, Eos kills Rob, Glamroth kills Eos, and Cade is unconscious

One word.. Owned. Another reason why Wizard’s advertising scheme was “don’t split the party” This session was all about assassins, backstabbing and death.

Our story continued in Adureth, where the characters enjoyed lunch with Dennis Goldentongue, and were occasionally stabbed by cloaked figures with shurikens. After the characters failed to kill the assassins, Dennis informed them about his personal quest: To find the Dragon’s Eye, a mysterious magic artifact.

Setting out the next morning, the party first confronted an assassin vine, that guarded the entrance to the tomb of Numring, that was said to hold the eye. Of course, the first thing that Rob did was to rush to the door, and lock it from the inside. Several similar betrayals followed, with Rob doing his best to annoy the other members of the party, (including failing to kill an unconscious Cade)

Eventually, the party members saw through Rob, and after failing to push Dennis off a cliff, Rob was killed by Eos in a massive bullsh*t coup de grace. Moving on, the party entered the main tomb, where the Eye of the Dragon lay. Taking it, Eos set off a massive trap, that resulted in his death. After isolating himself from Dennis and Cade, he was destroyed by Glamroth, who dragged his body to the depths of Tol-Anduir, the underground.

Bored on half days...
And Thursday will be awesome:)

Well, what can I say. The story has reached one of it’s most exciting parts. The plot is beginning to be revealed/charachters are figuring out what to do, and Eos is learning not ot attack dwarves, or be dazed. Things have been set in motion, and the fate of the world is in the balance. who doesn’t love black dragons? Until Thursday.


Note: JLee must not make choo-choo noises when I try to steer the plot. Not that I do…

The fortress continued
Eos meets his nemesis and Rob aquires a new friend.

Our story continues on the roof of the goblin fortress. After the characters recovered from the previous day`s exploits (and leveled up) they were introduced to Amaya Dragonscales, an elf sorceress. They continued exploring the fortress (and stumbling into goblin ambushes) until they had reached the ground floor. There, the party ran into an epic level cleric and paladin, who were busy holding off massive waves of goblins (and who happened to be some of the party member’s old characters.)

After some deliberation and detect evil checks, the two groups conversed. Eos was eager to learn about a legendary sword that was supposedly hidden in the castle while the others probed the Anmir (the cleric) for information on the goblin invasion.

Next stop: the library containing the sword that Anmir had told them about. In the library, (untouched by the goblins) they found hundreds of scrolls, as well as an enormously powerful sword on the wall. Naturally, Eos took the sword, and the party left the library (after Rob had stuffed as many scrolls as he could into his backpack.) When the players returned to the main hall, they found a gargantuan black dragon picking it’s teeth with the cleric’s longsword, having decimated the roof of the fortress. Glamroth the great wyrm had arrived.

Of course, chaos ensued. When the shouting had ceased, (and I could hear myself think,) the dragon announced matter-of-factly that it wanted it’s sword back. It claimed that the sword had been stolen from it by the cleric long ago. So, it said, it only had business with Eos and anyone of lawful good alignment (what can I say; it’s a black dragon) and anyone else could continue on their merry way. Fortunately for Eos and Jlee (lawful good,) nineteen goblins chose this inopportune moment to barge into the room, only to come face to face with the dragon. It’s dinner time!

While the drangon helped itself to a light snack, Eos and Jlee slipped away from the dragon, and exited the fortress. All in all, a good day for everyone, including Rob, who recieved a 2,000 gp bonus and a lifelong friend for helping a dwarf escape the fortress. Meanwhile, a very confused orc stumbles out of a tunnel into a mysterious village…

Also, they met a druid whose real name was immediately forgotten and who was unceremoniously dubbed “Drywall”. The druid may or may not continue to adventure with them.

In the beginning...
1st game

After some editing of character sheets, and photocopying of walls and doors ect. from the DM’s handbook, our story began. The PCs started thier adventure/quest for power/wealth/glory in the dungeon of a particularly large goblin fortress. The goblins had taken over the fortress when the arrived in Iludun, and had put it to their own sinister use. Namely, using it as a base to expand inland. Once the PCs had sucessfully beaten up the unsuspecting goblin jailor, they proceeded to explore the fortress/find the weapons that the goblins had confiscated. Sure enough, Eos had to take on two goblin gaurds armed only with a short sword, and without any armor. Fortunately for him, the cavalry (rob and JLee) arrived just in time to stop the goblins claiming another victim. After some deliberation/searching the other cells, the PCs found thier weapons and a suprised dwarf, a prisinor in the fortress.

Other notable occurances were the suprise raid on the goblins eating dinner in the great hall, Tuska jumping on tables (and getting lost) and the encounter on the roof, in which the PCs first meet Amaya Dragonscales. Meanwhile, Eos seems to have lost belief in himself, and the others may be turning against him. Can he prevail? And can Tuska find his way out of the tunnels under the Ravenhold?

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